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Todd Beeson is a Minneapolis-bred LA-based bassist/singer-songwriter having played in many bands including WOOD (3 cd's), Marlee MacLeod, Dylan Hicks and Matt Wilson in the 90's in Minneapolis--and recorded two albums and toured with THE LIFT in LA in the 2000's.   Other LA-based acts Todd has performed with include Johnne Perez & The Contenders, Glide, Rusty Truck and most recently, LETTERS AND RADIO.  Todd also collaborates with his fiancee, Brooke Benson and enjoys developing a wonderful group of up-and-coming talent via teaching/producing.

Marvelty features top LA musicians

Stevie Blacke/Michael Jerome/Todd Beeson/Brooke Benson @ Harvard & Stone, LA, CA Dec 6, 2017

The Marvelty recording crew features:

  •  Drummer - Michael Jerome (Pleasure Club/Better Than Ezra/Richard Thompson) 
  • String virtuoso/Producer - Stevie Blacke (Weezer/Beck/Snoop Dog/etc)
  • Keyboardist - Chris Joyner (Heart/Roadcase Royale/etc), 
  • Backing Vocalist - Barbara Cohen (Brother Sun Sister Moon).  

The Marvelty live show often features Todd playing solo sets.

Or as an acoustic-based band with:

Marvelty performances

June 24, 2017- LA CD Release party @ Genghis Cohen- LA, CA

July 18, 2017- 318- Excelsior, MN 

July 19, 2017- MPLS CD Release party @ Hook and Ladder- Mpls, MN

September 2, 2017- Lord Fletchers's Summer Bash with The Suburbs- Lake Minnetonka, MN

September 3, 2017- Dubliner- St. Paul, MN

December 6, 2017- Harvard & Stone- LA, CA

January 24, 2018- Finn McCools- Santa Monica, CA

February 28, 2018- Finn McCools- Santa Monica, CA- 9pm

May 20, 2018- Aster Cafe- Minneapolis, MN- 8pm w/ Dylan Hicks/ Molly Maher and Mary Bue.

January 31, 2019- Finn McCools- Santa Monica, CA- 8:30pm

Folk Roots Festival Fundraiser w/ Chris Murphy/Brooke Benson/Gerald Rivers

Wake Up- It's Your Time Now- 3 song single by Marvelty


Bruce Ravid- ex-A&R/ The Knack/Duran Duran- Radio Show host- Go Deep With Rave radio program- "Marvelty has a major artist sound."

Kevin Bronson- LA Writer/DJ- Buzzbands.la "(Wake Up) is a big one."

John Beasley- Grammy-nominated pianoman, producer, director of Monkestra. "(Wake Up is) tonic for the times."

Featuring songs

1. Wake Up

2. Future

3. Spectacular Day

Produced by Todd Beeson with Stevie Blacke.

Mixed and Mastered- Alex Oana

Additional Mixing- Stevie Blacke

Additional Mastering- Hans DeKline

All songs written by Todd Beeson

Additional writing credit on Future- Stephenie Carlisie

Released  March  2017

Wake Up Lyric Video

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Future by Marvelty is here! Now!



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 Mike Buenting : Old School Booking and Management

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Reach out and let's make magic happen.    

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